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Portals of Light

Powerful Transformational Sessions 

Leading Edge Training Courses 

Metaphysical Mentoring

Remembrance of SelfExpansive Quantum shifts

with Julia Styles

Master Teacher of Metaphysics

Welcome to the Great Shift

In the absence of Love, we began slowly to fall 

into deep states of forgetfulness and despair.

It's time to restore the Love that we are 

New Earth
Self Remembrance

Transformation through private sessions and individual or group training/mentoring courses where you are able to expand safely and quickly, using tools and processes created to easily move you beyond resistance, clearing millions of programs per second. 

The 'I Am' courses and sessions enable you to become aware and experience the remembrance of your True Self and the gift of Love through exploration and the expansion of your psyche.

Angel of Transformation by ©Julia Styles

Training Courses
& Sessions Available 

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Angel  by Julia Styles©

Other I Am Love

I Am Love Sessions & Training Courses 

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Becoming Quantum - Julia I Am Love
Transformational Courses & Sessions

Experience fast, safe shifts of emotional baggage, restoring clarity, happiness and new possibilities as you easily transform millions of programs per second. Expand with this leading edge tool that aligns you with the newly upgraded Quantum body and field. It  has to be experienced to be believed. No more waiting for change, the time is Now.

Level 1 & 2 Courses & sessions available.

Akashic Past Life- Julia I am Love 
Clearing Sessions & Courses

Empowering sessions and courses to expand your psyche and discover and transform the ancient imprints that are preventing you from living the life you have come to live here in the Now. Experience 'ah ha,' moments as the jigsaw puzzle of your life's purpose reveals itself.

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Theta Uplift Healing - I am Love
Courses & Sessions with Julia

High frequency Theta Uplift sessions and courses connect you directly with your Creator. Empower, heal, transform and expand as you explore the Self & the Cosmos in the new energy and close the gap of separation.

I Am Love  - Sessions Only

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An easy, drug free, non-invasive process that can help eliminate allergies quickly.

It is  a leading-edge tool that is like no other and has to be experienced to be believed.
Reclaim your freedom quickly now!

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Our immune systems can be compromised by lifestyle, environment, stress, viruses, all past immunisations & interventions, illnesses etc.
This fast, easy, drug free, leading edge process helps alleviate the symptoms and re-balance the immune system.

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Essential Forgiveness Sessions - I am Love
The Key to Peace & Freedom with Julia

Forgiveness can be found throughout all I Am Love courses and sessions. Forgiveness properly handed over to Spirit to be transformed saves lifetimes of suffering. We are unable to and we were never meant to, do this alone; we are One.

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Pondering the Path- with Julia I am Love
Metaphysical Mentoring/Psychic Sessions

Answering the most common questions from awakening Souls.
What is my purpose? Why am I here? What am I meant to be doing?. Understanding what and why situations and scenarios occur is imperative to being able to transform them, gain clarity and wisdom and move forward. 

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Reiki Absent/Distant - with Julia  I am Love
People, Animals & Situations 

Reiki is a beautiful benevolent Universal Life force energy that can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. These sessions increase energy levels, balance the body & energy fields, promote relaxation, healing,  and wellbeing . Reiki restores the recipients Soul connection bringing peace & remembrance..

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BQ Holistic Grief Support
with Narelle Hayes

This unique breath work is an easy, gentle and effective way to assist with all emotional problems, including the debilitating grief of losing a loved one.

Original Angel & Whimsy Posters

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Angel & Whimsy Big Eye Posters - I am Love
Original Art Prints by Julia Styles 

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Faint Glow

Meet the I Am Love Team 

Julia Styles


Creator & Founder

I Am Love♡
Sessions & Courses

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Gemma Barnes


Session Leader
Assistant Teacher

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Narelle Hayes 


Grief Support

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Natasha Maree 

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Family Reconnection

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Gift Vouchers

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Give a Gift
of Infinite L

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Whether for yourself or for someone else, 
these infinite gifts of Love and  expansion

are eternal offerings that will have a transformative

effect on the receiver, their families and our world. 

Choose from any session or 
course or leave it for the
recipient to choose.
Posted or emailed 

Christmas - Easter - Birthdays - Anniversaries - Valentines  - Retirement - Graduation
 or any other celebration or just because... 

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Sam Johnston - Tasmania

Racheal Joy - Tasmania

I am so grateful the Universe lead me to Julia and her beautiful courses. Becoming Quantum - Remembrance of Self was the first I completed and it was life changing. Not only did my connection to Source grow but so did the trust and faith in my ability to create the life that I desire. I have learnt how to identify emotional triggers that are projected to me and then transform them to make peace and flow a natural part of my life. I noticed a massive shift take place and knew I had to complete Level 2 to become a facilitator so I could help and empower others like Julia has me. 

I have since completed a number of other courses under Julia’s guidance not only because of the amazing knowledge she has to share but because she is a caring and supportive teacher.


Julia’s patient and nurturing demeanour helps create a safe environment for her students to navigate the unknown and unfamiliar. She gently encourages exploration of her students’ potential and development of their trust and faith in the Creator and especially us as co-creators. Julia’s energy is magnetic and she truely is a blessing to all whom she imparts her wisdom.

Bianca James - Melbourne

In 2018 I felt I needed to release a lot of baggage. I looked up healers and I no longer remember how I reached Julia's page. I felt drawn to her and contacted her. I went to Busselton for our first meeting and she did a past life regression for me.


Since that day she has been a constant presence in my life, a blessing, a friend, my mentor, my guide, the one friend always there to lift me up and my loved ones during tough times. Her love, her wisdom, her honesty, her caring nature and her genuine desire to help. I don't have words enough to describe what it means having her in my life.


She has done lots of Theta healing for me and my family, sending Reiki when needed; Quantum sessions; invaluable pieces of wisdom giving clarity, comfort in helping me understand my path. She is the person I turn to each and every time I need help. She has helped me and is still helping me walk my Path, find my purpose. I have full trust in her and I am so blessed to have her in my life.


May you always be blessed Julia, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nandini - Perth

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Angel of Radiance

by Julia Styles©

Angel of Radiance

by Julia Styles©

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I Am Love© and Becoming Quantum® and its sessions and Courses are for informational and educational purposes only. They are  meant as complimentary processes to assist the wellbeing of its participants. They are not intended to be substitutes for medical advice or treatment. Always seek advice from your doctor or other qualified health providers with any questions regarding your health. I Am Love© & Becoming Quantum® and its creators are not responsible or liable for any negligent actions of those using its work or courses.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you found something to help you on your journey of healing to remember the Love that you truly are.

Many blessings always Julia 

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