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Theta Uplift©
Course & Session Information & Prices

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What Is Theta UpLift?

Theta is a non-invasive, gentle therapy helping people transform depression, chronic pain, illness, sub-conscious blocks and more. It works with science and quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the mind/body the conditions it needs to correct itself. It works with the energy of Creation/The Super Consciousness/All that Is, because this is the Theta level and is where all healing, correction and Love are within us. We really need to access it because when we sub-created this realm with our small mind, we elected to leave out qualities of God - along with forgiveness and compassion. Without accessing this part of ourselves, we are not Whole and cannot explore and align with the many aspects of ourselves, therefore operating in a weakened state.

My Theta Uplift sessions beautiful experiences where I and the receiver enjoy a direct connection with the Divine/God/Source. These powerful sessions are uplifting, medative, insightful, expansive and transformative.

began my Theta journey in the late 1970's attending a Silver Mind Control Course, After working with this method for many years and where, over time, witness it evolve into some very interesting processes via my guidance system.

Many years later I was drawn to attend a different type of Theta training, one that blended well with the work I was already doing. This work was to continue to change and expand into a unique process that was transmitted from the overview from my guides.


I have worked consistently with this unique process for over 20 years using both the in-person and absent versions and gaining deep experience and knowingness. I now work via video and absently only.

When my clients eventually asked to be taught this method I was guided to create a course in such a way as to help those seriously wanting to upgrade in the new energy and stretch their psyche. I now offers a private 1-1 and group online Courses as well as private and absent sessions.


My Theta UpLift Sessions & How they Work?

My Theta UpLift  one-on-one sessions are conducted  over an online platform (e.g., Zoom, Facebook Messenger call, etc.). These sessions are gentle, supportive, and safe, where no prior experience in Theta is required.. Having chosen the issue you you would like transformed, I will then guide you to the God Source  where you will experience the process of the Theta UpLift clearing or correction. 


Alternatively, you may wish to have me conduct this session for you one-on-one or absently./distantly where I am able to conduct Theta Uplift sessions remotely on a subject of your choice. Feedback is commonly given via phone or email. These sessions are a powerful way to assist you or loved ones (with permission) who are far away.

1-1 Private Theta UpLift Session Online
or Absent/Distant Session with Feedback


$130 AUD/ 60 mins


My Theta UpLift Course & How it Works:

Students connect directly with the God/Source by expanding their psychic muscle. They will learn how to recognise, receive and decipher the information revealed for themselves and others.  They will meet and align with many aspects of themselves,

clear obsolete Soul contracts, transformation/heal old and new wounds, work with their and their family DNA, clear & align their auric field, expanded and experience their cosmic connections, work with beliefs, clear spaces and so much more.

The Course Curriculum

My seven module, 2 hour weekly online training course includes metaphysical discussions and the practice of processes for gradual expansion trough exploration of the Whole Self and our Creator. As well as many healing/transformative components, it takes a deep dive into the workings of the Cosmos allowing the student to experience and interpret All that Is in a way that is perfect for them. 
No previous Theta training is required, this is a combined Level 1 & 2 training Course.

The Course includes:

A 39 Page Theta UpLift Manual

7 weekly session via Zoom 
1.5 Hours Online for each module
2 hours or more of Home practice after each session
A Facilitators Certificate of Recognition
A genuine business opportunity


Each Module Includes
Working with the Theta UpLift manual (module one only)
A discussion of the previous and/or present module.
Feedback from Students previous week's home practice
instructions for the processes to be learned that week

A Theta UpLift session guided by myself
Feedback for this modules guided session

Homework instructions for the following week
Any relevant Metaphysical discussions

Theta Uplift© Online Course Group Price


$999 AUD

Paid in full or
Deposit $159 + 7 Instalments $120

Enjoy interacting and creating community with like-minded others in this powerful, small online course.

Theta UpLift© Online 1-1 Personal Course Mentoring

The powerful one-on-oneTheta UpLift Course perfect for those who prefer to be self paced and flexible. 


$1.200 AUD

Paid in full or
Deposit $297 + 7 Instalments $129

Please Note: All deposits are non-refundable

Feel confident to enjoy this unique opportunity to open and expand your psyche, practice and work on yourself and with others while gaining many, expansive experiences in Theta. Feel confident to offer it to the world in your own new Business or blend it with an existing business.  Once graduated you are able to catch-up with our online, free Theta Uplift Community chats for questions and more insights. 

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