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I Am Love

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About Gemma

Having grown up surrounded by generations of healers within the spiritual community, I was keenly encouraged to pursue my journey in Spirituality and Remembrance of Self. I am a naturally gifted psychic who is driven to helping others towards discovering their Truth and Closing the Gap of Separation.

In my early 20s I suffered a back injury that left me out of work for several months. During this time, I began looking inwards as to why I was feeling burnt out and in desperate need of a break from my reality. Ironically, I believe it manifested as a physical break in my back. This “break” forced me to slow down and create a new way of thinking. In turn, this made me realise that I was lacking support and love in my life. Inheritedly, this lead to my discovery of Quantum and all it's benefits in the New Energy. I began to heal not only physically but mentally and spiritually.


But my journey didn't stop there!


I began exploring more Inner Child Healing, Past Life Work, Belief Work, Theta and the Art of Forgiveness. I developed a passion for metaphysics and continue to expand my knowledge in this area while on my journey Home.


This work has truly changed my life!

As Coordinator and Assistant Teacher in all I Am Love courses, I am the substitute teacher when Julia is unavailable and you can come to me for any questions and support you require while completing the courses.

I run Community catch up sessions for our mentee's so you can get to know the I Am Love Community.


Community Catch Up Sessions:


These community catch ups are great if you require a little bit more support from your community during these huge transformations of self. These are non-judgmental spaces where everyone can express themselves and their experiences.


Healing Sessions:


  • Quantum Transformation

  • Past Life Clearing

  • Theta


I hold one on one  healing sessions tailored specifically to your needs as you move through your journey.


I aim to be a compassionate, supportive and encouraging session leader who values every soul who walks into this safe space.


Together we can transform fear into Real Love!


I hope the world is already a little kinder to you after reading this!


Love and Light,



Session Leader

Assistant Teacher

Gemma is a:

Session Facilitator & Assistant Teacher in:  

Becoming Quantum -

I Am Love

Theta UpLift Healing 

Akashic Past Life 

The Art of Forgiveness

Inner Child Healing

and Belief Work  

Gemma also conducts monthly or bi-monthly chat sessions for all I Am Love Course graduates to assist student on their journey.

Gemma is a natural psychic with a passion for metaphysics.

Book Gemma

Phone: 0427585827

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