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Past Life Therapy Information & Prices 

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I Am Love

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What is Past Life Therapy?

The exploration of past lives has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. I find great fulfillment in utilising past life regression therapy to guide my clients on a journey of personal growth and healing by delving into the depths of their subconscious.

At its core, past life regression therapy involves guiding individuals through a relaxed state of consciousness, allowing them to access memories and experiences from lives they have lived before. This process can provide profound insights into recurring patterns, unresolved emotions, and deep-seated beliefs that may be influencing our present-day lives, including overcoming fears, phobias, and healing unresolved traumas.

Through past life regression therapy, I help my clients to:

1. Gain insight into current life challenges and relationships by exploring their past life connections.
2. Identify and release limiting beliefs and negative patterns that may be holding them back.
3. Heal past traumas and emotional wounds, leading to greater emotional resilience and well-being.
4. Tap into their innate wisdom and intuition, empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

It's important to note that past life regression therapy is a deeply personal journey, and everyone’s experience will be unique.

If you're interested in exploring past life regression therapy further, please reach out to me to discuss how this journey can help you. With over 40 years working with Past Lives, I am deeply experienced and knowledgeable, making me one of the best-placed and easy-to-work-with practitioners in Australia.

How does it work?

My regression sessions are conducted one-on-one over an online platform (e.g., Zoom, Facebook Messenger call, etc.). These sessions are gentle, supportive, and safe, and no prior experience with hypnotherapy is required. Throughout the session, I will guide you through past life experiences most relevant to you at the moment. You will remain conscious and present throughout the entire regression, albeit in a state of hypnotism. Upon returning to the present, you will remember everything. Alternatively, you may wish to have me read for you. Either way these sessions are powerfully transformative where many of the jigsaw pieces of your present life's map begin to fall into place. 

Additionally, I offer 'distant sessions', where I conduct past life regressions remotely on a subject of your choice, pending permission.Feedback is commonly given via phone or email. These sessions are a powerful way to assist individuals, even those who are far away, such as those in hospitals.



$130 AUD/ 60 mins

Through the Past Life Course, I help my students to:

be here now

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Why NOW is a Good Time
to Transform Past Lives

We are now being earnestly called to dissolve the dreams and return

to our state of Oneness, but this doesn’t mean we have to die to do it. Behind our scripted illusions is the Light of Infinite Presence we all know so well; one we would so willingly surrender to if we allowed ourselves to feel it just a little; one that will gently emerge from the fog as we go through the process of awakening. It has always been here, and we can experience it right here and now, by erasing our own misguided scripts of separateness.

Our human relationships and their scenarios are just repeated imprints of our past life dreams. Our writings are our thoughts, and thoughts turn into matter in the dream. So many of our scenarios arise from un-dissolved and unforgiven imprints or bleeds, that drop into our present lives at an appropriate time and scream for forgiveness or transformation. Any energy unresolved will have to either be played out by giving it the space and opportunity to express itself, or simply by resolving it through acknowledgement, transformation and/or forgiveness. If it is a preferred choice to give an issue space to express itself rather than to forgive it, it has the potential for repetition. 

In the new energy we are being encouraged to transform our Akash quickly and easily so that we can experience the new energy and new Earth. We can also experience a peaceful, loving and abundant life, the preferred one we have waited eons for. 

More writing and information in the Past Life Course Manual
Dissolving the Web of Illusion by Julia Styles© Revised 2023 

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Private 1-1 Online Sessions
& Absent/Distance Sessions with Feedback


About the Sessions

Before a session you will have a choice to either be taken through a Past Life and see or experience it in some way yourself, or wish for Julia to read the past life for you (either 1-1 online or absently).

The sessions are gentle, supportive and safe, you can come out of any past life in a nano second.

Your past lives are like a jigsaw puzzle where many of the pieces cause ah ha moments when found and related to this life.

Meditative, Informative, 

Insightful Sessions

Enjoy one of the many ways to experience a guided past life yourself or have a past life read for you by Julia. Choose your issue or ask your your Akashic Masters what you are needing heal/transform,  see and know right now.

This is a beautiful experience for the receiver and sender; one that can take up to 3 days to intigrate (not always) and for the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and ah ha moments to fall into place

Investment $130


Feedback for

Absent/Distant Session

Sessions can be held and transmitted to anyone, anywhere in the world with the recipients permission.
The Past Life frequency is not confined or constricted by matter - it is beyond this and a very powerful way to help yourself or someone far away or hospital etc.
Once the pre-determine absent/distant session is over, Julia will contact the person who either asked for it for themselves, or the receiver of the healing/transformation. The feedback is most commonly given by phone but can be email.

Investment $130

Image by Evie S.
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Online Past Life Course
Group & Private 1-1 Mentoring


Past Life Course
Groups & 1-1 Course Mentoring

Expand your psychic muscle & consciousness

Discover and clear ancient & present day blocks

Meet many other aspects of yourself in from past, future, the cosmos and in parallel lives.

Heal, expand and transform as you fill in the pieces of your once mysterious jigsaw puzzle of life. Align with the New energy frequency on the planet..
Enjoy this wonderful Course that has also has a uniquely, meaningful business opportunity

Restoring the Present

Genuine new or blended
business opportunities
for graduate Practitioners

Online Group Price 

Enjoy interacting and creating community with like-minded others in this powerful, small online course.


$999 AUD

Paid in full or
Deposit $159 +

7 Instalments $120

Online 1-1 Personal
Course Mentoring  Price

Enjoy the private mentoring with this  self-paced empowering, online course . 


$1.300 AUDPaid in full or
sit $250
+ 7 Instalments $150



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