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I Am Love

About Julia 

Hello I am Julia,

Welcome to I Am Love


My guidance comes from the Oneness of All, through its many portals of Light that are lovingly transmitted into this realm. I Am a compassionate creative, assisting the Great Shift in the mind of humanity.


I chose the name I Am Love because it is Truth and as it was read or spoken repetitively, it would help to reprogram the subconscious mind of the observer and dissipate the belief  in separateness .


My Inspiration


The work on this site is guided by Spirit and is a big part of my life’s journey in collaboration with them. I Am Blessed. My work now in my later years is to pass this on to an awakening humanity. Here you will find many of the gifts of transformation and Truth that have been gifted to me.


I am an authentic non-duality teacher who uses metaphysical mentoring and techniques on this site to assist others to remember and to Be who they Truly are. There are many roads to Home, (Portals of Light), some take a little longer than others (or so it seems) and we have the free will to choose which path we wish to take. On this site, you have choices that depend on where you are on your journey and where your passion lies.


My deepest desire is to help you in your seeking in the easiest but most powerful way possible, whether you are newly awakened or already on your journey. I love to share the information I’ve been given over many years and to witness others as the cobwebs of forgetfulness are blown gently away.


My only purpose is to, through the portals and guidance of Oneness, help you move from the small mind of illusion to the Whole mind of Truth, by assisting you to navigate the new Quantum energies on the planet that will open you to a 'new you and a new way of life'.


My Journey

My journey in this life began as a child born in the 1950’s into a family where spirituality was not at all an unfamiliar or taboo subject, at least for a few of its members. In my early years I was highly influenced and fascinated by my beautiful Grandmother’s gifts; she was visual and her connection was strong; Spirit was often to be felt and seen at her house.


My parents gifts came fully to the fore in their middle years when my mother’s earth healing abilities emerged strongly and my Father’s gift of Trance Channeling became apparent. They went on to run a Reiki clinic for over 20 years.


Being around my Father’s Trance channelling as I grew up, taught me so much about unfiltered ego’s and the difference between a transcended channel and one who was channelling through an unfiltered ego. It was a bumpy ride, but one I will be forever grateful for as it has stood me in good stead for many, many years.


My core family life was full of opposites, being peppered with Narcissistic and Empathic behaviours that would swing into deep caring, compassion and a great amount of humour; it seems I was to experience the whole duality package. I later discovered that we, as a family, had set up our pre-life agreement so that for me at least, it would not only show what I needed to know and to let go of, but to help me navigate my journey and do the work I have come here to do.


Today as a Mum and Nanna I am blessed to be part of a beautiful, loving family who continue to be my closest mirrors on this path. I'm in total appreciation for all they show me; it is an absolute privilege to be part of their lives.


My name numerologically resonates with Master Teacher of Metaphysics. Many years ago I was advised by my Reiki Master, a world leading numerologist at the time, to use this name, as it would energetically resonate with the work of love I had come here to do. A big part of this was and still is, to empower many of the teachers lost in the world of dreams and have forgotten who they are and what they have come here for; this has proved to be so true.


I hope you find something on my site that inspires you to transform your life and journey.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Many Blessings Always


From Chaos to Contentment

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