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Navigating the New Earth Changes

A Brief Overview

The planetary energy has been upgraded from a carbon to a crystalline base, as every planet eventually does. Thankfully our world is no longer repetitively cranking along in the old energy of duality. We are about halfway through a 38-year transition where things are appearing to get worse, but not really; the Light is uncovering and transforming all that is negative and has been hidden from us for eons. Using Becoming Quantum and other new and upgraded tools, we as Light holders on this planet, will work powerfully in unison with Spirit.

We are upgrading and moving into our Quantum bodies which is a gradual and often turbulent change where eventually little in our world or on this planet will work the way it used to. Our willingness to flow with the inevitable changes is vital as resistance will only cause discomfort. Observation is the key to our flow. Becoming Quantum  is one of the new tools that aligns beautifully with the changes. As promised many years ago, it is instant and hugely expansive, it makes changes that can transform masses of programs quickly and shift us into new timelines. 

Whether you have just awakened to your journey or have been around for many lifetimes, it’s time to let go of most of the esoteric learnings of old, as too much ‘head stuff’ will block the simplicity and gentle flow of Quantum in your life.

Spiritual Teachers have accumulated and used so many wonderful techniques and practices over eons of time, all of which were so needed. They served humanity well in the duality, as they carved a path for the present energy upgrades and cleared the way for many highly evolved Souls to incarnate easily and help with the shift.  Humanity is so blessed by the old Souls whose compassion and effort accomplished this long and difficult work.

However, having shifted into the new energy, many duality processes we had will become obsolete, needing either to be dropped away or upgraded into the new energy. (This applies to life in general also). Quantum is an energy of ‘no thought,’ we don’t need to carry old learnings and processes around in our head anymore; we no longer have to work hard at this.​Whether we are healers or not we can now let go of the overload and be free of the clutter and stress ​they caused us.

Quantum thankfully frees us from all of this.

Quantum is not new; it is the fabric of the Cosmos, we are just upgrading and discovering its previously obscured potentials. As we upgrade to the intensity of its presence in this reality, we will continue to let go of the old and shift into new timelines that are more aligned with the life we came here to live. This is an exciting time; one where the turbulence on the planet is necessary so that the world and its inhabitants can shift into something so much more loving, benevolent and compassionate.

To flow with these changes in order to fully shift into our Quantum Body, (our Real body), we need to connect with the Quantum field every day, it’s an essential practice and this is what we will teach you. This is really needed for humanity right now!I hope you find the information and processes on this site helpful, whether you are new to awakening or someone who needs to refresh and upgrade. Many blessing always Julia 

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